April First Friday was the opening night of my show, “Control.” The show consists of depictions of birth control devices as well as a waiting room. From frantically looking for the parts of my waiting room area to going to the Health Department to ask for birth control pamphlets, it was such a great experience! I cannot wait to expand on this body of work and do more installations.


Collection of Contraceptives


My recent work is all about birth control devices and the ongoing struggle we have to find the right one. These works depict the devices themselves, paired with a title denoting the amount of time each device is used. While there are many more I have to make, I want to share what I have so far.


Every now and then I will do a commission…so I thought I would share a couple in process photos of a print edition I did recently for a Miranda Rights Symposium. I had not done any printmaking in quite sometime. So, I was excited to see what I could figure out. For these prints, I hand carved a linoleum block with text and then hand burnished each print. The next layer was printed from some found textures. The final layer is a collage piece, printed from another block that I also carved. It was a lot of trial and error before I settled on a process that lead to the desired result. In the end the prints were framed and given as a commemorative gift to the guest speakers of the symposium.

So much is happening!

It is difficult to concentrate on making work without the support of a creative community. So, I am excited to say that I have a new studio space at The Vacuum Shop Studios! I look forward to learning from these accomplished artists, honing my studio practice, and hopefully making a worth while contribution to my community.

Updates with pictures coming soon!

Communication really is Everything

I am a server and bartender. My job is predominately performing in front of an audience. However, wires get crossed and communication breaks down from time to time. Suddenly I am no longer in character. I am simply a befuddled, awkward mess of a person standing before you, hoping you can see the charm or at least the humor in our current situation. So, I have begun to capture these moments by drawing and painting the feeling of befuddlement as well as the actual words I have said to utter strangers. I look forward to further exploring communication from both sides of the bar.

I will be posting more quality photos soon, but for now I give you a little taste…..

“You’re Problem” and “No Welcome”

No Welcome

No Welcome

The tangible.


Unlike drawings, paintings, and such, journals and sketchbooks contain empty pages that beg to be filled with whatever raw, unfiltered information the book-holder has to offer. I love books of all kinds, but the blank ones are especially exciting for me right now.